CAT5GEAR} Cyclist Case

Long-term review of this bike gear carrying case that finally got me organized.


  • Easy to use and organize gear
  • Mesh top mean airflow
  • Well built and tough

OCMN Rating


  • Hard to find any

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Buy it Again?

Definitely. And, I would (and do)  recommend it to my friends.


Last time I looked: $77

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The Low Down

We are all on some sort of spectrum in life and riders are no different. The racing roadie TENDS to stay firmly in the type-A very organized lane. It is likely that they have not only brought all their gear but possibly an extra set of wheels or a “B” bike – just in case. The dirt rider, on the other hand, tends to be more on the wing-it side of the trail. And yes, there are shaved legged, spandex wearing riders in the bunch – but on the whole – we are more into sending a jump line and who brought the post ride beer over chasing Strava crowns. This all brings me to the CAT5GEAR Cyclist Case. To say this bike briefcase wonder changed my life is probably an overstatement but it has made my ride life waaaay better.

The Cyclist Case is a customizable padded case for all your riding gear. I am able to fit: my helmet, shoes,
gloves, shock pump, tools, chain lube, extra tube and a variety of other misc. items. The design is pretty brilliant with padded sections that attach with velcro allowing you to create your own custom set-up. The zipper runs the length of 3 sides to allow the top to lay flat, making it easy to load and to get your gear out at the trail. The top is mostly heavy duty mesh and mesh is good. Mesh means you can do a quick check to make sure you have your helmet and shoes but also allows for air flow. And, if we are being honest, bike gear can smell less than fresh after a few rides. The air flow allows it all to breathe and thus, dry faster and smell better – win-win.

Compartmentalize you life

Along with the movable padded cube walls, there are a couple of handy small zipped mesh pockets and 2 side pockets to hold stuff large and small. The side pockets are designed for water bottles but since I stick to a one bottle per ride regiment, I use the other one to throw in a jersey, vest or whatever random thing I think I need that day. The little mesh pockets on the inside of the case are perfect for some energy gels or bars, your gloves or – the all important – bottle opener for post rider hydration.

It handles anything
Dad jokes aside, it is great to have a top handle grip as well as a shoulder strap. For you gotta-do-it-in-one-trip people, having all your gear in the case and over the shoulder means you can one shot your gear and bike saving precious time and avoiding the “I am running a bit late” text. Sadly, my ride buddies still see this text more often than they should.

Final Thoughts

This will likely not make you taller, better looking or fasting on trail but I can all but guarantee you will be more organized, efficient and always have your gear for the days shred session.

  • Ease of Use 95% 95%
  • Features 85% 85%
  • Getting Organized 100% 100%